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I’m sorry to hear about what you are facing. Whether it is financial, health, or whatever your need may be up against in your life. There is HOPE. At times we need assistance when time’s can be difficult. Sometimes that can be difficult because it can be humbling to seek assistance from others. We all go through these things in our lives at one point or another. You are welcome to look over my home page. You may very well find assistance. Click on my image, and links are on the right. If you receive this. I already have prayed for you. If you place your trust in a real loving God. He will help you. He will help you that shall best benefit you. When he doe’s move. It will bring him glory. It may not be the way you would’ve done things, but if God is in it. You will be far more happier when he move‘s. His ways are above our ways. His thoughts are above our thoughts. If you place your faith, trust, and accept Jesus Christ into your life. Ask him to come into your life to live for HIM, and when you sincerely do this God will be faithful. Gods presence may be instantaneous known when you do this. “Maybe not”. Some feel nothing. Rest assured. HIS presence will be KNOWN TO YOU. HE is real, and HE love’s you. How can you know his love, and if he is real? You WILL KNOW. I promise you that. Keep HIM first, read the word of God, and do the word of God. Your love for HIM will increase as you REALIZE his love for YOU. His love will become real to you. Here is a FEW things that God has done for me, and my family. 1) Paid outstanding bills that I couldn’t pay through church I attended regularly. 2) Healed me of cancer, and other disease’s instant healing, gradual healing, and a word of knowledge heal 3) God delivered me from Satanism 4) God delivered me from drugs. (supernaturally with no side effects from marijuana, cocaine, hash, crack, etc..) 5) God opened up jobs when I had none. 6) God saved me from suicidal tendencies. ( In INTESIVE CARE UNIT FROM DRUG OVERDOSE, AND NOT KNOWING IF I WOULD LIVE OR DIE) 7) God prevented us from being homeless by opening doors for temporary shelter. ( One time we were about to become homeless. We applied for shelter through state. They told us a 1 year waiting list, but God opened the door with in a week.) 8)God gave me hope to live. 9) God made arrangements one year when I lost my job around Christmas. (Someone walked up to my wife at church, and gave my wife a jar with angels on it. She removed the cork, and found $1000.00 cash in it.) 10) God made arrangements for a new car ( That God arranged, and we didn’t have to pay for it.) 11)God arranged money to come in the mail with no return address. ( out of state) 12) God made arrangements to find cash laying on the ground. That is just scratching the surface to what God has done. God is NO respecter of persons. What he doe’s for one. He will do for another. Do you know what the most awesome thing is about this. That GOD LOVE’S YOU AS MUCH AS HE LOVES ME. Trust in him today friend. If you need any additional prayers. Please let me know. You can reach me by this email address or contact me through my YOU TUBE CHANNEL By entering theiggy457, and press enter. If you need healing. I pray that God supernaturally touches you where you are. Shalom, love, and blessing’s. Mike
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